Ch. Dadaelis T'Cai Rabiah
For years I had wanted a Saluki.  In 2008 on my way to the Whippet National, I made a side journey to meet Marilyn Brown and her gorgeous Saluki family in LaConnor, Washington.  Whe shared with me two of her beautiful Saluki's.  "Rae" completed her Championship with limited showing by the age of 18 months.  Along the way she also earned BOS in the Sweepstakes at the 2008 Saluki National and Best in Sweeps at the Huron Valley Specialty in August 2008.  She completed her championship at the Supported Entry at Kalamazoo Show in May 2009.  Saluki's have a reputation for being aloof- well not this one!  She is an absolute doll.  Playful, charming, great with people and with the Whippets.  A wonderful introduction to a new breed!
Ch. Dadaelis Cairo x Ch. Dadaelis Tirzah (SM)
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